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Meet the Creators

Know the women who make the products at the Rafiki Exchange

Kirabo Gifts

The women who make up Kirabo Gifts are Sudanese refugees and Muslim converts living in Uganda. With the help of Christine, these women refined their crocheting skills and turned it into a fruitful business.


After Victoria's husband died in the mid-1990s, a German missionary taught her how to weave. Now Victoria has turned weaving into a way to support her family while sharing her skills with others.

Women of Hope

The Women of Hope, an HIV-positive group of widows in Nigeria, now have the means to provide for their families through the sale of their unique handcrafts.

Chelesian Creations

The ladies of Chelesian Creations, a group started by a seamstress in Zambia, now train others to sew beautiful crafts.

Lydia's Bark Cloth

Using skills passed down for generations, Lydia creates products from her handmade bark cloth.

Genocide Survivors

Beautiful handwoven baskets made by the survivors of the Rwandan Genocide.

Refugee Paper Bead Businesswomen

Sudanese refugees came to Uganda and broke rocks in a quarry before joining our widows group. Now they make paper bead products so they can support their families.

Threads and Light

Threads and Light strives to provide African widows with skills to support themselves and their children.

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