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Meet Victoria

Victoria’s story is similar to that of many other women in Uganda. Her husband died in the mid-1990s, leaving her to provide for their young daughter alone. While struggling to keep her home and provide food for herself and daughter, Victoria met a German missionary who taught her
a new skill—weaving.

Victoria flourished under the missionary’s mentoring and even traveled to Germany to further study the art of weaving.
Since then, Victoria has developed her skill into a highly effective trade. Strict on quality control, she makes sure every product is crafted to the highest standard.

Through her partnership with the Rafiki Exchange, Victoria has turned her weaving into a sustainable income.

A few years ago, she installed electricity in her home, a rare commodity for many Ugandans. This allows her to work even on cloudy days. Furthermore, she has been able to pay for her grandson Jonathan's school fees. It is her hope to soon have a wall built around her property to give her house greater security.

Victoria has taken her weaving skill and passed it on to others as well. She has trained many and currently has three highly active students working with her. More importantly, the Rafiki Foundation has given Victoria and her team the Rafiki Bible Study, thus providing them with not only the dignity of work but also the doctrines of grace.

All of the products shown below were hand-crafted by Victoria and her team in Uganda.

Expect your Rafiki Exchange purchase to ship within one week of placing your order.
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