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Rafiki Exchange

For a widow in Africa, finding a job is a daunting and often fruitless undertaking. The underprivileged African women with whom Rafiki partners are talented at making handcrafts using skills passed down for generations and taught to them by others. The Rafiki Exchange supports and serves these women by providing them with a market for their artisan products.

The Need

Throughout the 10 countries in which we serve, there are over 15 million women whose husbands are either deceased or absent. Through the work of their hands, these ladies create products that both preserve their cultural traditions and provide them with a source of income.

The Mission

Selling their products proves hard for these women. To ease that burden, Rafiki buys their products and brings them back to the United States to sell at our retail locations. Through this transaction, women who could otherwise not find work have a steady means of supporting their families.

The Outcome

We hope you will come alongside us as we seek to obey the Epistle of James and care for widows and orphans. Every purchase you make ensures the continuation of this work and provides thousands more widows with hope for the future.

Products That Come With Stories

Meet the Creators

Read the stories and see the faces of the wonderful women making the products at the Rafiki Exchange.

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The Beginning

Meet Our Founders

The story of the Rafiki Foundation is inextricably woven with the life of its founders, Rosemary Jensen
and her husband, Robert.

How We Began
Expect your Rafiki Exchange purchase to ship within one week of placing your order.
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