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Meet the Women of Hope

Handmade Products From HIV-Positive
​Women Provide Hope 

One group of women very dear to the heart of Rafiki is Women of Hope in Nigeria.
In Africa, HIV-positive women often become outcasts from society—unemployed, homeless, and little to no family support.
Being HIV-positive can sentence them to a lifetime of poverty and despair.

The Rafiki Foundation has partnered with Women of Hope to bring numerous varied products to the U.S.

With each purchase you make, you enable these ladies to feed and clothe their families, care for their homes, and send their children to school.
All products are handmade, lending a one-of-a-kind quality to each item.
Each purchase offers HIV-positive women
something not previously possible—a second chance.

These HIV-positive women were once ostracized, alone, and often homeless.
But now, these women have hope;
hope that you can be a part of.

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